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  • We Reached Our Crowdfunding Target

    Dear friends! Happy new year!
    With enthusiasm, we inform you that the first crowdfunding campaign for the documentary 'Sandgrains' ended successfully!

    110 donors (including individuals and associations) have contributed 10,833 pounds (12,986 euros), several hundred pounds / euros above our target!

    The project also boasts the involvement of roughly 40 people who have contributed through their qualities to the logistics of the project (translators, graphic designers, researchers, people who have opened their homes and hosted the events, people who have cooked and welcomed..)

    The 'Sandgrains' project has naturally evolved and expanded. We started with the idea of a documentary, and arrived at something more.

    'Sandgrains' and Matchbox Media Collective celebrate today our community of supporters.
    The network has grown and new ideas were born, such as the petition to raise awareness on fisheries with WWF.
    Moreover, in the coming months, the 'Sandgrains' production will tell the stories of the characters through another medium, photography.
    And as always we are open to new contributions, of any kind ...!

    This is the victory of crowdsourcing: together we can!

    With this newsletter we want to thank everyone who has contributed in an economically difficult period, those who have voluntarily donated their quality and time, and all the people who value independence of thought and storytelling ...

    The community of Ribeira da Barca awaits us and we will be with them in 2 days.
    We will send you updates and developments on our investigations and stories, and on top you will have the opportunity to understand from the inside the process of documentary production through our blog and via Francesca's blog.

    We'll be in contact soon, from the lands of Cesaria and her sodade ...!

    Matchbox Media Collective.

  • Fundraising in Italy

    Francesca Tosarelli and Jordie Montevecchi went to Italy to attend a live crowdfunding event at Fattoria Walden where they introduced the work of Matchbox Media Collective to a specially invited Italian audience.

    A magnificent buffet was organized for the more than 80 people attending the event and we discussed the concept of crowdfunding and new ways of creating content.

    Thanks to to the work of Dario, Dagmar, Peppe, Giuseppina, Jenny, Judith and Julia we we managed to raise over 1000 euros!


  • Crowdsourcing Logo Designer

    Matchbox Media is opening up submissions for the creation of Sandgrain's Logo!

    Here on the side is the crowdsourced flyer for the documentary film made by Lorenzo Dzieduszycki.

    Outside the coast of West Africa, on the islands of Cape Verde, beaches are disappearing, and with them a way of life. José returns home to witness his fellow islanders struggling for survival while European fleets empty their ocean. Sandgrains is a crowdfunded and crowdsourced documentary telling the story of a former football star discovering why and how the beach where he started to play football began to disappear.

    We are developing a campaign together with Global Ocean in order to create a documentary film that becomes a catalyst for real impact.

    The campaign is starting to take shape around asking for a change in policy at the EU level and we are planning to involve football celebrities and high profile ocean conservationists to champion a call to action.

    Become Sandgrains' graphic designer by creating the logo!
    The slogan for the campaign is Footballers for a Future with Fish.

    The ideogram should reflect ideas around a soccer ball with fish printed on it. Sandgrains' campaign is asking for a petition to stop fishing trawler subsidies and we are at the beginning of developing a visual petition for people to upload their image with their own football with a fish painted on it.

    If you'd like to give a hand please get in contact with

    Here below are a few drawings made by Howie Cooke to give an idea

  • Crowdsourcing works!

    Crowdsourcing means looking for talent and skills in the crowd. An example is the flyer that was effctively used at the Sheffield Doc/Fest for promoting Sandgrains. Many thanks to graphic designer Lorenzo Dzieduszycki for helping out!

    We now also have a team of dedicated and crowdsourced researchers working on finding core audiences and implementing the data for marketing Sandgrains to funders.

    We've crowdsourced subtitles for the Sandgrains trailer, now in Danish, Turkish, English, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish! All done through the wonderful Universal Subtitles app that allows for anyone to translate into their language directly on the Sandgrains Home page. Do you speak Japanese? Finnish? Translate our trailer! Universal Subtitles is fun and easy to use.

    Below is a screenshot of the app on our home page.


    Screenshot subtitle app

  • Crowd-sourcing Traduttori

    La Pagina web è multilingue e ci affidiamo al nostro pubblico per tradurne i contenuti in più lingue possibili.

    Per questo documentario, vorremmo avere risonanza a livello internazionale e per renderlo possibile abbiamo sviluppato questo sito in modo da supportare più lingue. Ora ce ne sono solo alcune, ma vorremmo coinvolgerti!

    • Ti piace l’idea?
    • C’è un pubblico nella tua lingua?
    • Hai le capacità e il tempo di farlo?
    • Potresti aiutare come parte di un progetto scolastico?

    Qualunque sia il motivo, ci piacerebbe che ci aiutassi, anche solo facendolo sapere ad altri!


    I nostri video supportano sottotitoli in diverse lingue e la funzione di Universal Subtitles ti consente di aggiungerne di nuovi.

    Vuoi darci una mano?

    Se ti va, clicca sul pulsante dei sottotitoli e inizia a scrivere la tua versione, ci vogliono 7-8 minuti...


    Se vuoi partecipare al progetto anche di più attraverso questa modalità, invia un'email e facci sapere in cosa vorresti aiutarci.

  • Crowd-sourcing Translations

    The site is multi-language and we rely on our audience to translate the content in as many languages as possible.

    We would for this documentary to have a worldwide impact, and to make this possible we developed this site to support multiple languages. Now there are only a few, but we’d like for You to get involved!

    • Do you like the idea?
    • Is there an audience in your language?
    • Can you use your skills to support us?
    • Could you help as part of a school or college project?

    Whatever the reason, we’d love you to help us out, maybe even by telling your friends about us

    Maybe you have a friend you’d like to send the trailer but he might not understand the language?

    Our videos incorporate the Universal Subtitles widget that allow you add subtitles in  your language.

    Why not subtitle the video here?

    If you feel like it, just click on the subtitle button, and start making your version.

    Want to be involved in a deeper capacity, gain professional experience and maybe even join in our adventures? Just send a mail and let us know where you’d like to help.

  • Crowdsourcing number one

    The first elements of crowdsourced talent are improving our project!

    Joao created portuguese subtitles for our trailer and started translating the website so that we can soon have the site ready for the lusophone audiences worldwide. Joao found us on the web, and because he has been to Ribeira da Barca and actually knows personally Demici, our local fixer, he took the project by heart and started helping us out.

    Many thanks Joao!!!

  • Crowd-sourcing dell'Operatore Subacqueo

    Abbiamo previsto 2 mesi di riprese nell’arcipelago. Dobbiamo ancora trovare un operatore subacqueo. Sei la persona che stiamo cercando?

    Per questo documentario stiamo pensando di riprendere alcune sequenze sott’acqua, ma nessuno del nostro team ha l’esperienza necessaria, né l’attrezzatura, e a Capo Verde abbiamo avuto difficoltà a trovare una persona all’altezza del lavoro.

    Sei un operatore subacqueo e vuoi unirti a noi a Capo Verde per una settimana? Scrivici un’e-mail dichiarando il tuo interesse e includi un link a un tuo lavoro.

    Hai un amico che può essere interessato? Perché non gli mandi un link a questa pagina?

    Sfortunatamente per questo lavoro possiamo permetterci di offrire soltanto un compenso che coprirà tutte le spese; consulta il budget per verificare.

    Se hai voglia di aiutarci per questa parte della produzione e sei disposto a farlo solo per tua soddisfazione, faccelo sapere.
    Scrivici anche se vuoi solo discuterne un po' più a fondo.

    Se parteciperai a questo progetto, sarai menzionato nel film e avrai un tuo profilo nella pagina del Team.

  • Crowd-sourcing an Underwater Camera Person

    We have scheduled 2 months to shoot in the archipelago. We still need to find an underwater camera person. Are you the one we are looking for?

    We are planning to shoot a few underwater sequences for this documentary, but nobody of our team has the experience nor the gear, and in Cape Verde we had difficulties finding someone up to the job.

    Are you an underwater camera person and want to meet us in Cape Verde for a week? Write us a mail stating your interest and please include a link to your showreel.

    Do you have a friend that might be interested? Why not link him this page?

    Unfortunately for this job we can only allow a fee that will cover all the expenses, check out the budget to see for yourself.

    If you feel like helping us out with this aspect of production, and are happy to do it just for the fame, let us know.
    Just drop us a line also if you just want to discuss all this a little further.

    If you take part in the project you will be credited in the film and get a profile in the Team page.

  • Crowd-sourcing Pubblicazioni

    La tua partecipazione è la cosa più preziosa che abbiamo!

    Credi nel progetto e pensi che possa fare un qualche tipo di impatto?

    Condividi i tuoi pensieri
    con i tuoi contatti!!

    Scrivine sul tuo blog!

    Portalo all’attenzione dei tuoi amici!

    Spargi la voce su Twitter, Facebook e altri social media! 

    Il nostro progetto si basa sul passaparola, puoi fare il salto da semplice seguace a promotore attivo di un cambiamento.

    Se sei un giornalista, forse il tuo pubblico potrebbe restare affascinato a sapere di tutte le cose avvincenti che stiamo facendo. Al momento stiamo compilando un kit per la stampa in cui sarai in grado di trovare alcune informazioni rilevanti, ma nel frattempo puoi inviarci una mail e saremo contenti di rispondere a qualsiasi domanda.

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