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  • Fundraising in Italy

    Francesca Tosarelli and Jordie Montevecchi went to Italy to attend a live crowdfunding event at Fattoria Walden where they introduced the work of Matchbox Media Collective to a specially invited Italian audience.

    A magnificent buffet was organized for the more than 80 people attending the event and we discussed the concept of crowdfunding and new ways of creating content.

    Thanks to to the work of Dario, Dagmar, Peppe, Giuseppina, Jenny, Judith and Julia we we managed to raise over 1000 euros!


  • Production in Sweden

    We just came back from a weekend of production in Sweden!
    We met and spent an evening with Jose', our main character. We watched through old videotapes he has been filming when going back to Cape Verde in the last years. We run through the evening drinking cape verdean grog and dreaming of being back soon...

    In the program were two shoots, one on at Heden football greens and another at a professional game between Assyriska FC and Jönköping in Ruddalen. We have beed joined by Robin Westerström as second camera and Linnea Ericsson as audio recordist, thanks very much to them!
    New footage for the trailer, with a new interview of Jose'!
    Soon to be seen in the film's website!

  • Crowdsourcing works!

    Crowdsourcing means looking for talent and skills in the crowd. An example is the flyer that was effctively used at the Sheffield Doc/Fest for promoting Sandgrains. Many thanks to graphic designer Lorenzo Dzieduszycki for helping out!

    We now also have a team of dedicated and crowdsourced researchers working on finding core audiences and implementing the data for marketing Sandgrains to funders.

    We've crowdsourced subtitles for the Sandgrains trailer, now in Danish, Turkish, English, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish! All done through the wonderful Universal Subtitles app that allows for anyone to translate into their language directly on the Sandgrains Home page. Do you speak Japanese? Finnish? Translate our trailer! Universal Subtitles is fun and easy to use.

    Below is a screenshot of the app on our home page.


    Screenshot subtitle app

  • Sex Docs & Rock'n'roll at Sheffield!

    We finally arrived in Sheffield for the Doc/Fest and are entering the networking world!

    We woke up with a nice surprise as we have been also selected to present the film at Frontline's Club Matchmaking Event at the festival. So we will have another opportunity to be on stage to present the project!!!

  • Sheffield Doc/Fest approaching!

    Tomorrow we leave for Sheffield with butterflies crowding our bellies ahead of the upcoming Crowdfunding Pitch. We compete against four other projects and the vote is decided online at on Saturday the 11th between 4 and 6 pm. 

    Looking forward to a week of intense networking and an abundance of documentaries!

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