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  • Sandgrains on Sale!

    Last night Sandgrains went on sale on our website, this is what we woke up to this morning...
    After more than 4 years of production, Sandgrains is finally also available to the general public!!!

    You can get it as HD Download, Dvd, Bluray and you can now book a commercial Screening License.


  • DVD ready!!!

    This is the announcement we have all been waiting for!
    Sandgrains is finally READY!!!

    It has taken a lot of time to iron out the final details. Having to replace music tracks when the edit has been closed is not an easy task. But Davide Pistoni and Mirco have done a truly fantastic job, and at the end of March we were able to finalise the audio and export the film to be prepared for distribution.

    While we were waiting for the music, we have updated the trailer according to the edit and made it accessible in 7 languages on our website, and we cut the 52 minutes version of the film. The first version of 70 minutes has been made mainly for festival applications as they often require 60 min + in length to accept a film. While the 52min version is the one we will be distributing to the public, to broadcasters and distribution companies. 52 minutes is the most used international time standard for documentaries on TV and having the film formatted in this way will make it easier to place on the market. Making the 52 min version meant a little restructuring of a couple of scenes, the taking out of 3 characters, slimming down interviews, re-adapting the music and redoing the audio edit. Both versions of the documentary have also been subtitled in 7 languages: English, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, German and French and we are very grateful to all the people that have been helping us out in doing them: Corinna, Fiorella, Laura, Marie, Ana, Adan, Manuela, Benoit, Giorgia, João, Luis, Alice and N'dala, thank you so much!

    The two 89GB and 84GB files have been brought to Stanleys Productions that have compressed them to create the masters of the DVDs, the Bluray and the digital download files. Then, also using the graphics by Lorenzo Dzieduszycki, they have printed 130 DVD copies and some Bluray Discs. Now we have just started sending out the perks to those of you that have donated to our project.

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