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  • Sandgrains on Spanish TV

    Lovely people, this is great news!
    Sandgrains has been sold to and will be aired by Spanish TV broadcaster RTVE!

    So if you're in Spain this Saturday the 12th of October, switch on the telly to "LA NOCHE TEMÁTICA de RTVE"
    You'll get an exclusive opportunity to see Zé and our friends from Ribeira da Barca dubbed to Spanish!
    Stay tuned! An evening dedicated to the business of sand with two documentaries.

    And for two weeks after the air date you can also watch in on the web here (Spanish territory only).

  • Environmental Film Fest Melbourne

    Who is in Melbourne on Thursday?

    Sandgrains' Australia premiere coming up at the Environmental Film Festival Melbourne on the 12th of September.
    Another festival on the other side of the world!
    Showing at Kino Cinemas, Collins Place @ 8:00pm!

    Get your tickets here!

  • UK Premiere at Open City Docs Fest

    If you are in London on Sunday the 23rd of June you should not miss our European premiere of Sandgrains at Open City Docs Fest, London's global documentary film festival!
    Join the production team at UCL for the first public screening in the UK and speak with director Jordie Montevecchi at the Q&A following the screening. Come in numbers! The whole production team will be there!
    Sandgrains is a 100% crowdfunded documentary that has taken over 4 years to be made. Produced by Matchbox Media Collective and countless people that have collaborated in all aspects of production.

  • Sheffield Doc/Fest - Videotheque Selection

    Another documentary film festival, another market catalogue selection for Sandgrains!
    This time it's Sheffield Doc/Fest where our documentary had been selected 2 years ago at the crowdfunding pitch.

    Jordie is attending this major festival in the UK to continue developing contacts with distributors and broadcasters and to make a final decision on how to insert the documentary into the international market.
    Meeting friends, attending master classes and panel discussions, dancing alongside film commissioners and buyers. This festival is one of the most important in Europe.

    Here a picture with Rob Mitchel, great festival buddy met in Krakow and here again!

  • Sandgrains Cape Verdian music

    To realize the music of Sandgrains, Mirco Buonomo, our sound engineer, met and worked with two Cape Verdeans musicians: To Alves and Ronaldo Espirito Santo, with whom he recorded 3 songs in Cape Verde. To Alves is a well-known musician of the Cape Verdian panorama; Mirco recorded with him two unreleased songs that the musician wanted to give us as a contribution for the documentary, showing a great sensitivity to the issues covered in Sandgrains. Ronaldo Espirito Santo is a young emergent musician, discovered by Mirco; he was soon interested to collaborate for the project and we hope that this will help his music to make known off from Cape Verde. Both musicians exhibited a strong altruism and spirit of sharing, showing once again the big heart which characterizes the inhabitants of these islands.

  • Krakow Film Market

    Here some more exciting news from Sandgrains!
    From the 26th of May until the 2nd of June the film will be at the Krakow Film Market, the industry section of the Krakow Film Festival!
    We will be soon traveling to Poland!!!
    Jordie is going to promote the film to Central and Eastern European broadcasters and distribution agents.
    Anyone around that is attending as well?
    Looking forward to meet you at the networking drinks with a nice polish beer in our hand :-)

  • Green Film Festival in Seoul

    Sandgrains has been selected for the International Green Competition a the Green Film Festival in Seoul, South Korea. This festival, running from May 9th to 16th, is unfortunately too far for us to attend but we hope that Koreans will enjoy it and if anyone has a friend in Seoul please pass on the news!

  • DVD ready!!!

    This is the announcement we have all been waiting for!
    Sandgrains is finally READY!!!

    It has taken a lot of time to iron out the final details. Having to replace music tracks when the edit has been closed is not an easy task. But Davide Pistoni and Mirco have done a truly fantastic job, and at the end of March we were able to finalise the audio and export the film to be prepared for distribution.

    While we were waiting for the music, we have updated the trailer according to the edit and made it accessible in 7 languages on our website, and we cut the 52 minutes version of the film. The first version of 70 minutes has been made mainly for festival applications as they often require 60 min + in length to accept a film. While the 52min version is the one we will be distributing to the public, to broadcasters and distribution companies. 52 minutes is the most used international time standard for documentaries on TV and having the film formatted in this way will make it easier to place on the market. Making the 52 min version meant a little restructuring of a couple of scenes, the taking out of 3 characters, slimming down interviews, re-adapting the music and redoing the audio edit. Both versions of the documentary have also been subtitled in 7 languages: English, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, German and French and we are very grateful to all the people that have been helping us out in doing them: Corinna, Fiorella, Laura, Marie, Ana, Adan, Manuela, Benoit, Giorgia, João, Luis, Alice and N'dala, thank you so much!

    The two 89GB and 84GB files have been brought to Stanleys Productions that have compressed them to create the masters of the DVDs, the Bluray and the digital download files. Then, also using the graphics by Lorenzo Dzieduszycki, they have printed 130 DVD copies and some Bluray Discs. Now we have just started sending out the perks to those of you that have donated to our project.

  • Visions du Réel

    We have been invited to list Sandgrains in the Media Library of the Visions du Réel Documentary Film Festival in Switzerland. This event is one of the major documentary film markets in Europe and even though we have not been selected to screen the film at the actual festival we are very hopeful that the room dedicated to the Doc Outlook Market, where commissioners and buyers can watch a list of 350 noteworthy documentaries, can lead to something interesting.
    The festival runs from the 19th until the 26th of April in Nyon, on the shores of Lake Geneve and Jordie will be going to represent Matchbox.
    Here you can check out the page the festival has dedicated to our project.

  • Final Sandgrains Trailer

    Finally the Sandgrains trailer is finished! In 4 years of production we have gone through many versions, every time updating it with the latest.

    Now we finally got to the final version, edited with material from the final cut of the film. You can watch it in the 7 different languages the documentary will be released in.

    A huge thanks to Jordie who edited it, Filippo who graded it, Mirco for the amazing audio and tracks and last but not least all the supporters who made the film possible.

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