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  • Article on crowdfunding in Swedish

    Article in Swedish on crowdfunding by Gabriel Manrique, published in Fria Tidningen on the 7th of February 2012.

  • Sandgrains Backstage Two

    Here you go with the second backstage video of the Sandgrains Team on production in Cape Verde.
    More to come...

  • Mindelo: backstage of the backstage

    Mindelo is a quaint touristic city, with colonial architecture and beautiful beaches by the promenade. To be honest we had hoped to spend a few days there relaxing by the sea, but in the end the stories we found were so intense, and what we discovered about foreign fishing in Cape Verde was so stunning that we barely managed to stop, although we did manage to get a little rest at the end.
    The 4 Sundays ahead of carnival see a celebration with the exhibition of a group, like the one of the Mandingas, and the city becomes alive with the rhythm of samba. An explosion of energy featuring man in black, the whole gay community and abundance of grog which gives a yellow tint to the eyes.
    In Mindelo we also met Kiso, our Cape Verdian supporter and flight controller. He has been extremely welcoming and joined us for an unforgettable dive into the Cape Verdean culture at the Esplanada Hollanda, a bar where Cesaria Évora used to perform before she became famous, in exchange for a couple of glasses of grog.

  • Mindelo: 2nd chapter of production

    After a long sleepless night at the airport, spent working with the wonderful free wifi there, we arrived at Mindelo on the island of Sao Vicente, part of the northern Barlavento archipelago.
    We rented a flat (bartered to a great price by Francesca from our landlord Artur), and spent another intense 10 days there.
    Mindelo is a strategic point for international fisheries: thanks to geological formations the port is the biggest and most active in all of CapeVerde.
    We made several interviews with fisheries engineers, marine biologists and the CEO of the port's node for international and national fisheries. José ended his stay with us in Cape Verde and left for Gothenburg in Sweden. We spent only three weeks with him and it felt like three months!

  • Praia

    We left Ribeira da Barca on the island of Santiago, together with José for the second chapter of production: Mindelo, on the island of Sao Vicente. While traveling we made a stop in the capital Praia, where another part of production has been filmed. We met with the Cape Verdean Coast Guard, and had a very informative interview with the geologist Sonia Silva at the University, about the geological and environmental effects of sand gathering and the destruction of Cape Verde's beaches.

  • Interviewing the Farmers

    Another problem caused by sand gathering is the salination of fresh water deposits. Salt water from the ocean seeps into the ground, destroying plantations near the coast and ruining wells. The sand functioned as a filter, and now without this buffer the farmers are experiencing a significant drop in crop productivity.

  • What Ribeira da Barca Could Be

    José brought us to Ribeira das Prata, a beach half an hour north of Ribeira da Barca. Volcanic black sand still
    covers a long, wide shoreline here, and it is startlingly beautiful.
    The former beaches of Ribeira da Barca and Charco, where José used to play football many years ago, covered an even wider expanse than this one.

  • Sandgrains Backstage One

    The first backstage video of the Sandgrains Team on production in Cape Verde.
    Featuring shots from the first two weeks in our main location.
    Ribeira da Barca, Santiago, Cabo Verde.
    More to come...

  • Charco sand collectors

    Ze and the crew go to Charco with cousin Ja, where people are gathering sand by the shore. There is none left above water so they must dig it up from the sea bed.
    At the end Mirco has a quiet moment recording the sound of crashing surf.

  • MatchboxMedia screening in Ribeira da Barca

    Just outside our window, Jordie and Gabriel return from filming at sea. Fishermen launch their wooden boats just next to our house, which is filled with nets and fishing gear.
    We showed a video of Ze playing football for a Swedish team in a bar by the square, and Mirco realized his dream of fresh lobster dinner, provided by Ze's nephew.
    Jordie makes grog cocktails during a blackout, and Ze's brother Yuku scrubs with a fish net. The quiet pace of village life continues undisturbed by our presence. 


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