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Crowd-sourcing an Underwater Camera Person

We have scheduled 2 months to shoot in the archipelago. We still need to find an underwater camera person. Are you the one we are looking for?

We are planning to shoot a few underwater sequences for this documentary, but nobody of our team has the experience nor the gear, and in Cape Verde we had difficulties finding someone up to the job.

Are you an underwater camera person and want to meet us in Cape Verde for a week? Write us a mail stating your interest and please include a link to your showreel.

Do you have a friend that might be interested? Why not link him this page?

Unfortunately for this job we can only allow a fee that will cover all the expenses, check out the budget to see for yourself.

If you feel like helping us out with this aspect of production, and are happy to do it just for the fame, let us know.
Just drop us a line also if you just want to discuss all this a little further.

If you take part in the project you will be credited in the film and get a profile in the Team page.

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