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Crowd-sourcing The Logo

As our first major crowd-sourcing experiment we decided to open a competition for the realization of the film’s ideogram and logotype.

Some say that the crowd has talent, We believe them!
Are you a graphic designer? Can you do the job? You are in the team!

pic of crowd

Are you a professional designer and want to become part of the team?
Or are you a graphics amateur wanting to give your shot at this?
Maybe you are a student looking to find the perfect work to bring to the exams and want to make something that becomes real?

If you participate with your idea, you will get a behind the scenes access through our subscribers’ newsletter for producers and a special note on our web site.
If you win the contest your work will become the logo of this project, and you will become the designer for this project with a profile in the team page and a credit in the film. Check out the budget to see how much is allocated for this paid job.

pic of graf artistIf you choose to take part in the contest, here are some guidelines:

You should submit a finished and fully developed graphic idea for a logo (ideogram) and the ‘Sandgrains’ text (logotype) connected to it.

The idea should be that these two elements go together but can also be used separately.

Keep in mind that this creation of yours, if selected, will be giving the tone to the entire graphic visualization of the project on different media.

The design should take inspiration from the issues explored in the film; there is a lot of information in this web page, but if you would like to discuss further any aspect relating even remotely to the work you intend to do, don’t hesitate to drop us a mail.

If your work is ready for submission just export a full resolution image, and send it along with your full contact details to Jordie or Gabriel, whose contacts you can find here.

If you win the contest and accept to be the graphic designer for the project, bear in mind that this is an innovative but also risky way of making a film, and we can’t foresee how much we will be able to fundraise.

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