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Crowd-sourcing Translations

The site is multi-language and we rely on our audience to translate the content in as many languages as possible.

We would for this documentary to have a worldwide impact, and to make this possible we developed this site to support multiple languages. Now there are only a few, but we’d like for You to get involved!

  • Do you like the idea?
  • Is there an audience in your language?
  • Can you use your skills to support us?
  • Could you help as part of a school or college project?

Whatever the reason, we’d love you to help us out, maybe even by telling your friends about us

Maybe you have a friend you’d like to send the trailer but he might not understand the language?

Our videos incorporate the Universal Subtitles widget that allow you add subtitles in  your language.

Why not subtitle the video here?

If you feel like it, just click on the subtitle button, and start making your version.

Want to be involved in a deeper capacity, gain professional experience and maybe even join in our adventures? Just send a mail and let us know where you’d like to help.

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