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  • Sandgrains on

    Many articles have been published about Sandgrains lately. Now also Cape Verde is finally taking an interest. We're hoping to get the documentary screened by the national Cape Verdian broadcaster and hopefully cinemas and festivals, we're working on it but things go slow.

    In the meantime here is an article published by a site on Cape Verdian news, culture and entertainment. Thanks to Susana S. Duarte for the interest and making this possible, this article gave a nice push to the film in the country most of the footage has been coming from.

  • Sandgrains on La Repubblica

    The story and trailer of Sandgrains have gone live on, Italy's major national newspaper. Flavia Cappadocia has made this possible by posting the trailer and few words just before our Italian premiere on the 15th of November.
    The trailer has until now had more than 16.000 views, and counting.
    This article, together with the premiere of the film in Bologna, have made so that the project has gone around a lot and we also got quite a few orders of dvds and downloads.

  • First Prize at Docunder30

    We're happy to announce that Sandgrains has been awarded the first prize at DocUnder30, a documentary film festival in Forli' (IT) dedicate to young talent.

    Thanks to Angelita Fiore for the invite and for supporting us until the end.
    The Jury's reasons for the first prize have been:
    "for the high quality of both production and creative concept, and for the author's ability to highlight a global issue through a local story".

  • Italian Premiere in Bologna

    Sandgrains will premiere in Italy this coming Friday.
    We have been invited to screen at the beautiful Odeon Cinema in Bologna downtown by SALA DOC - Documentari al Cinema and Documentaristi Emilia Romagna

    The premiere will be followed by a Q&A with composer / sound engineer Mirco Buonomo and photographer / communication supervisor Francesca Tosarelli.

    Cinema Odeon, Bologna

    Fri.15 Nov. h 19:15
    Entry: €3,50 - Free for the first 10 students

  • VoD and Educational Distribution

    Sandgrains can now also be found on Video On Demand and as educational resource for universities and schools.
    We recently closed a deal with Realeyz, a Germen distribution platform.
    You can now stream and dowload-to-own our documentary on the Realeyz website, or buy a copy with educational rights at Realeyz E-Learning website.
    Thanks to Patricie Pouzarova for setting this up!

    If you are a student, teacher or professsor at a school or university, and would like to have Sandgrains in your video library, put in a request to get an educational copy and help us distribute the documentary to as many people as possible. Thanks!

  • Sandgrains on Sale!

    Last night Sandgrains went on sale on our website, this is what we woke up to this morning...
    After more than 4 years of production, Sandgrains is finally also available to the general public!!!

    You can get it as HD Download, Dvd, Bluray and you can now book a commercial Screening License.


  • Distribution with Motion Pictures

    This news comes a little late, but since beginning of August we have signed a contract for broadcast distribution of Sandgrains.
    After the Spring and Summer festival season we decided to close a deal with Motion Pictures, a Spanish distribution company.

    We gave Montse Portabella, head of the documentary department, the exclusive worldwide right to distribute our film to broadcasters, and we believe we have made an excellent choice. Already two deals have been signed off in Spain and Ireland, and she is in talks for more!

    This means we can finally relax a little and let professionals do what they know best. Dealing with contracts, buyers, delivery of materials and such is not in our hands anymore, and we can finally just sit back and wait to receive memo deals for our final approval!

    We still retain online, dvd, educational and theatrical distribution rights, which we'll give out on a non exclusive basis.

  • Sandgrains Belgian Premiere

    And yet another premiere for Sandgrains! This is the Belgian one at Festival des Libertés in Brussels.

    Coming up this Sunday the 20th of October 2013 at 15:45

    Visit this link for more info about places and tickets!

    After the very first sneak preview in November last year, now the final version again in the European capital!

  • Premiere in Prague

    More news on the festival front!

    On the 15th and 16th of October 2013 you can watch Sandgrains in Prague for our Czech Republic premiere at the International Documentary Film Festival AlimenTerre in Prague, Czech Republic.

    A film festival exploring issues of food supply around the planet.

    Director Gabriel Manrique and the film's main character Ze Fortes will also be attending for a Q&A after the screening.
    If you're around save the dates!!

    For a detailed program click here.

  • Sandgrains on Spanish TV

    Lovely people, this is great news!
    Sandgrains has been sold to and will be aired by Spanish TV broadcaster RTVE!

    So if you're in Spain this Saturday the 12th of October, switch on the telly to "LA NOCHE TEMÁTICA de RTVE"
    You'll get an exclusive opportunity to see Zé and our friends from Ribeira da Barca dubbed to Spanish!
    Stay tuned! An evening dedicated to the business of sand with two documentaries.

    And for two weeks after the air date you can also watch in on the web here (Spanish territory only).

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