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  • Visions du Réel

    We have been invited to list Sandgrains in the Media Library of the Visions du Réel Documentary Film Festival in Switzerland. This event is one of the major documentary film markets in Europe and even though we have not been selected to screen the film at the actual festival we are very hopeful that the room dedicated to the Doc Outlook Market, where commissioners and buyers can watch a list of 350 noteworthy documentaries, can lead to something interesting.
    The festival runs from the 19th until the 26th of April in Nyon, on the shores of Lake Geneve and Jordie will be going to represent Matchbox.
    Here you can check out the page the festival has dedicated to our project.

  • Final Sandgrains Trailer

    Finally the Sandgrains trailer is finished! In 4 years of production we have gone through many versions, every time updating it with the latest.

    Now we finally got to the final version, edited with material from the final cut of the film. You can watch it in the 7 different languages the documentary will be released in.

    A huge thanks to Jordie who edited it, Filippo who graded it, Mirco for the amazing audio and tracks and last but not least all the supporters who made the film possible.

  • Creativity Unbound

    Here an article by our Richard Webb published on Universal Film Magazine.
    The mag can be downloaded for free at

  • One for Ten

    A project of note we like to share,
    One For Ten is a forthcoming interactive series of short documentary films telling the stories of innocent people who were on death row in America. 
    Over five weeks in April and May this year, the One For Ten team will travel the breadth of the US in an RV, making two films a week for immediate online distribution. The films will give voice to people who spent an average of ten years each locked up and facing death for crimes they did not commit. 
    All the films will be free to watch and free to share under a Creative Commons licence and the team will be taking your questions and discussing the issues every step of the way.
    One For Ten is currently crowd funding to get the project on the road. To help make these films happen, please contribute here:
    You can see the pilot film featuring exoneree Ray Krone, introduced by Danny Glover, here: 
  • Sandgrains Launch in Brussels

    You are invited to join us at the very first sneak preview of Sandgrains!

    We are finally ready to show it to the public and we wish to have an impact on those that will take important decisions regarding our oceans in the following days and weeks.

    The event will be at the Goethe Institute in Brussels, just a couple of blocks away from the European Parliament.

    Invite all your friends and lobby your MEPs to come along and take a stand on the upcoming Common Fisheries Policy Reform! Now we can change it! Next time will be in 10 years!

    Goethe Institute Brussels
    Rue Belliard 58
    1040 Brussels
    Tel: +32 2 2303970

    With drinks reception and a photo exhibition by Francesca Tosarelli

    Tommy Melo, vice-president Biosfera I (Cape Verde)
    Raoul Monsembula, Ocean Campaigner Greenpeace Africa (Senegal)
    Jordie Montevecchi, director of Sandgrains (Italy)
    Gabriel Manrique, director of Sandgrains (Sweden)
    Beatrice Gorez, Coordinator at CFFA (Belgium)
    Moderated by Uta Bellion, Ocean 2012 (Belgium)

    visit our Facebook event for any more info

  • Edit Completed!

    Finally we share with you the news that the long process of editing the film has finished!
    Naiara, our editor, created a pre-cut which then went into the hands of Jordie. He worked for another two months, helped by daily feedback from Gabriel, Mirco and Francesca to get to the final product. In addition we organized some very useful private screenings with friends, colleagues and professionals to tweak the last adjustments... and, voila!

    Now the project is with Mirco, who is taking care of  audio mastering, sound design and adaptation of the his composed music to the structure of the film.
    And Filippo Bianchi is working on color correction, balancing lights, colors, saturation, contrast...
    Naiara is working on the motion graphics for the film (titles, character names, credits), while we are putting together the long list of credits and preparing final subtitles for the film.

  • Sandgrains Poster

    Lorenzo Dzieduszycki has been working the whole summer and just finished the final version of the movie poster!
    He started by processing one of Francesca's pictures and then skillfully decontextualized and elaborated it graphically.

    Here below you can see a digital copy. We like it a lot! What do you think?

  • Sandgrains in D Repubblica

    Today in Italy in the Saturday supplement of Repubblica you can find the photo-essay from Cape Verde.

    Photos by Francesca Tosarelli and article by Alessia Gallione.

    The work has been created in coproduction with the Sandgrains documentary and the article explores the conjunctions of sand gathering and the construction industry.

  • Sandgrains Sound Tracks n°4 GreenAttack

    Since back from Cape Verde Mirco Buonomo, our sound recordist and music composer, has been working on creating the sound track for the documentary. We are planning to share with you his compositions. This is the fourth: GreenAttack, this track has been designed for Greenpeace actions filmed during the documentary, pure adrenaline scenes in drum and bass style. At present this is the last music track, we will come back on september with new tracks recorded in Cape Verde, so.. stay tuned!



  • Sandgrains Sound Tracks n°3 Dead Shark

    Since back from Cape Verde Mirco Buonomo, our sound recordist and music composer, has been working on creating the sound track for the documentary. We are planning to share with you his compositions. This is the third: Dead shark, this track has been designed for scenes with illegal sharks fishing in the documentary.



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