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  • USA and France Premieres for Sandgrains

    The first two festivals of 2014 bring Sandgrains for the first time to France and the USA.

    The documentary has been selected for the 22nd Edition of the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital in Washington DC. The screening is on the 27th of March at 6pm.

    In France Sandgrains has been requested by the International Film Festival 'Pecheurs du Monde', entirely dedicated to our oceans. The screening will be in Lorient on the 28th of March at 11am.

  • When the audience produces a film

    Here an extract from this article by our online distributors in Germany.

    "The intention of the documentary could not be more in harmony with it's whole evolution, for it is a film which denounces the environmental effects of global fishing. And it's success as a film is true thanks to the will and confidence of many different people who put their money into it."  Clara Rodríguez A.

    Read the whole piece here

  • Sandgrains Cape Verdian music

    To realize the music of Sandgrains, Mirco Buonomo, our sound engineer, met and worked with two Cape Verdeans musicians: To Alves and Ronaldo Espirito Santo, with whom he recorded 3 songs in Cape Verde. To Alves is a well-known musician of the Cape Verdian panorama; Mirco recorded with him two unreleased songs that the musician wanted to give us as a contribution for the documentary, showing a great sensitivity to the issues covered in Sandgrains. Ronaldo Espirito Santo is a young emergent musician, discovered by Mirco; he was soon interested to collaborate for the project and we hope that this will help his music to make known off from Cape Verde. Both musicians exhibited a strong altruism and spirit of sharing, showing once again the big heart which characterizes the inhabitants of these islands.

  • One for Ten

    A project of note we like to share,
    One For Ten is a forthcoming interactive series of short documentary films telling the stories of innocent people who were on death row in America. 
    Over five weeks in April and May this year, the One For Ten team will travel the breadth of the US in an RV, making two films a week for immediate online distribution. The films will give voice to people who spent an average of ten years each locked up and facing death for crimes they did not commit. 
    All the films will be free to watch and free to share under a Creative Commons licence and the team will be taking your questions and discussing the issues every step of the way.
    One For Ten is currently crowd funding to get the project on the road. To help make these films happen, please contribute here:
    You can see the pilot film featuring exoneree Ray Krone, introduced by Danny Glover, here: 
  • Event in Lisbon

    The Sandgrains Team has been invited by Pong-Pesca and Associação Caboverdeana to present the project in Lisbon. More than 80 people attended the event and most of them staid on for the traditional Cape Verdean dinner and music. The event ended with a long and felt discussion about the topic of the film and with an invite for us to return to lisbon for the launch of Sandgrains in Portugal. For those with Facebook here is a gallery by the photographer os the hosts.

    A special thanks goes to Gonçalo Carvalho, Catarina Grilo for organizing the event, and to Helena Pimentel for her simultaneous translations!

    Thanks to all those that came to see the new screener and the photo exhibition by Francesca.

  • Article on crowdfunding in Swedish

    Article in Swedish on crowdfunding by Gabriel Manrique, published in Fria Tidningen on the 7th of February 2012.

  • How I Finance Your Film

    Today the 'Sandgrains' project and Matchbox Media Collective are featured in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Bologna section.
    Many thanks to Fernando Pellerano who wrote the article!

  • We Reached Our Crowdfunding Target

    Dear friends! Happy new year!
    With enthusiasm, we inform you that the first crowdfunding campaign for the documentary 'Sandgrains' ended successfully!

    110 donors (including individuals and associations) have contributed 10,833 pounds (12,986 euros), several hundred pounds / euros above our target!

    The project also boasts the involvement of roughly 40 people who have contributed through their qualities to the logistics of the project (translators, graphic designers, researchers, people who have opened their homes and hosted the events, people who have cooked and welcomed..)

    The 'Sandgrains' project has naturally evolved and expanded. We started with the idea of a documentary, and arrived at something more.

    'Sandgrains' and Matchbox Media Collective celebrate today our community of supporters.
    The network has grown and new ideas were born, such as the petition to raise awareness on fisheries with WWF.
    Moreover, in the coming months, the 'Sandgrains' production will tell the stories of the characters through another medium, photography.
    And as always we are open to new contributions, of any kind ...!

    This is the victory of crowdsourcing: together we can!

    With this newsletter we want to thank everyone who has contributed in an economically difficult period, those who have voluntarily donated their quality and time, and all the people who value independence of thought and storytelling ...

    The community of Ribeira da Barca awaits us and we will be with them in 2 days.
    We will send you updates and developments on our investigations and stories, and on top you will have the opportunity to understand from the inside the process of documentary production through our blog and via Francesca's blog.

    We'll be in contact soon, from the lands of Cesaria and her sodade ...!

    Matchbox Media Collective.

  • Help us Reach the Crowdfunding Target!

    Just a few lines to share the latest news before leaving for Cape Verde ...

    Thanks to everyone who participated and made ​​the event in Bologna possible, it has been a great success! Some very welcoming friends have opened 3 adjacent houses in the historical center of the city and offered canapés and refreshments to more than one hundred people who attended the two presentations by Matchbox Media and Sandgrains.

    The evening brought new ideas and connections and allowed us to crowdfund £1,114 for the production of the documentary! THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE!!

    The next day we got some more good news!

    Finally, after various meetings, the British NGO 'Global Ocean' donated £1,180 to 'Sandgrains' an amount that will cover the travel and equipments costs of Andrew, our underwater cameraman.

    In short, the end of this year is giving us solid hopes regarding the practical possibilities of  crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. At the moment we reached £8,026 and the total target is £10,000, with a total of 88 donors!

    There is only one more week to go until the end of our crowdfunding campaign and there are real possibilities to reach the target!

    We are asking you all one last effort! Please forward this project to friends and family, share it on social media, or if you can, contribute with a donation!

    In the meantime, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  • Just Do It supporting Sandgrains

    Back in June, Just Do It producer Lauren Simpson met the team from Sandgrains as they presented their project at the Crowdfunding Pitch (coming a close second) at Sheffield Doc/Fest.

    Since then, the project has developed in leaps and bounds and the team of Just Do It has joined in supporting it.

    Read here the full article.

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